Your voice can be heard in Europe!

our opinions matter and we can help them be heard!

Linda Bennett, responded on behalf of BSK-CiC and Enterprise Europe South EastUK after canvassing views amongst South East businesses on the European Commission’s proposals for how to support innovation in businesses across Europe from 2014. The key point she identified was the need to simplify the process to apply for European funding and to speed up response times as most businesses can’t wait nine months for the application to go through.

Almost 800 organisations responded to the consultation including governments, major companies such as Microsoft and Siemens, as well as trade bodies.

Results of the Europe-wide feedback was published last month and we are pleased to report that not only was there huge support for Enterprise Europe Network, one of BSK-CiC’s flagship projects, but we found ourselves quoted in the text sandwiched between comments from the German Federal Government and BIS, the UK Government’s department for Business Innovation and Skills.