Share your innovative environmental ideas with companies from across the channel

Enterprise Europe South EastUK, with the support of the co-funded European project EcoMind, is inviting businesses interested in the environmental innovation sector to attend JADDE 2011 in Lille, on 5 October.

JADDE is one of the key business events in Northern France. It is open to all industries, with many medium and small businesses exhibiting products and services developed to be more environmentally and socially conscious or eco-innovative products… Last year visitors saw a carpet made of recycled materials, a new food packaging material, a sustainable snooker table along with many other new eco- construction materials and products.

Looking for more than just networking? This 8th edition of JADDE, with the support of Enterprise Europe Network, offers Kent businesses the possibility to have pre-arranged meetings with their French counterparts; a service especially relevant to companies looking for partners, distributors, industry specialists or potential customers across the channel.

JADDE 2011, with its 1,400 visitors and a day of English thematic and translated workshops provides local south east companies with the chance to really get a feel for the French market and how smaller local businesses, like themselves, take on the challenge of sustainability.

Check the JADDE website for more information, including the event agenda:

For any small company feeling their French is a bit rusty, access to English/French translators can be pre-arranged.

The EcoMind team would encourage more South East businesses to attend JADDE and will be providing to a limited number of companies committed to eco-innovation an allowance towards transport costs.

If you are interested in knowing how the French market is responding to sustainability, innovation and low carbon and would like to find out what opportunities this could bring your company, please contact BSK-CiC.