Programme: BPPE – Best Practice in Promoting Enterprise

BPPE brings together a partnership of key cross-border, regional players in the area of the promotion of enterprise, who share the vision that anybody with talent, potential and drive to succeed in business should have the opportunity and necessary support to do so.

Programme Details

Target market:

This programme targets both sides of entrepreneurship – capacity building for business support organisations, plus help and support for those who might want to start a business but have not been encouraged to do so before. The programme brings together the key players in Kent & Medway and East Flanders, who are involved in pre-start and start up activity, as well as those involved in working within specific target groups to review approaches for encouraging enterprise creation: Women Older Workers Those not in Education, employment or training (NEETS) School leavers and young people etc.

programme Timespan:

September 2011 to June 2014

The issue being addressed:

Despite its importance to the European economy, entrepreneurship is not a preferred career option for most Europeans. As many as 60% of EU citizens say that setting up a business has “never even occurred to them”. This percentage is likely to be even higher among groups who face additional barriers and who rarely come into contact with ‘mainstream’ support agencies. By increasing the availability and quality of entrepreneurship education and training, bringing together the best of practical experience among the partners, over time the programme will contribute to a step change and improvement in regional policies within this field – benefiting both citizens and regional economies.

What is the programme designed to do? 

Entrepreneurship education and training is not just about business start up support, although it includes it. It is about promoting a culture in which all citizens in all regions will have the confidence to take risks in their lives as well as in business. BPPE brings together a partnership of key cross-border, regional players in the area of the promotion of enterprise, who share the vision that anybody with the talent, potential and drive to succeed in business should have the opportunity and necessary support to do so, regardless of their race, age, gender, disability or where they live.

How do we achieve this?

BPPE brings together innovations already developed in the partners’ different regional areas. Partner regions represent diverse regional economies and a mix of urban and rural contexts. The innovations will be related to the state of play in each partner region; they will be adapted and road tested in different regional contexts and for different target groups. The programme provides a forum for the cross-border exchange of experience, but it will also deliver a much more intensive degree of co-operation. This will include a joint thematic SWOT gap analysis; informal benchmarking of approaches; joint thematic workshops & conferences; bilateral study visits; joint cross-border training sessions and the trialling of enterprise promotion approaches and case studies. A key output will be a toolkit with practical guidance for regional and local authorities; dissemination and communications; and a plan for sustainability.

BSK will be trialling:

Ambassadors – this programme is working with successful local people, whether that be they have started a business or achieved well in their chosen career but had to overcome barriers to do so, so that they can act as inspirational Ambassadors encouraging the younger generation to want to continue with their studies and have entrepreneurial aspirations for the future.

Atlas – working with the local Turkish business community in Medway to help them integrate and access free business support that is on offer to them as well as helping them make the most of networking opportunities to help their businesses grow.

Mega Brainstorm Student Event – an enterprise day that incorporates a ‘brainstorming tool’ that encourages students to think and be more entrepreneurial.

VOKA will be trialling:

Enterprise delivery in Prisons which includes using the Taktix Board Game – to run a series of business start up workshops that will help inmates consider the possibility of self employment as a via employment option in the future.

Shape Your Future – to help and encourage those aged over 45 that have recently been made redundant think about self employment as a way forward.

What’s Stopping You? – an inspirational day for women who have a business idea but don’t know what to do next Who funds the programme? Interreg IVA “2 Seas” Programme programme Partners? VOKA – Flemish Chamber of Commerce based in Ghent.

Success to date:

  • A SWOT gap analysis has been developed and reviewed, which has allowed each partner to identify areas for development and helped when deciding on which pilots to trial.
  • The exchange of successful enterprise programmes has taken place and each partner has chosen the pilots they wish to trial.
  • Additional partners have been found to help implement the pilot programmes locally.
  • Work Plans are in place for a full delivery schedule of the pilots.

In Kent:

  • Three Ambassadors have been recruited so far and trained to tell their stories. A second recruitment drive will take place in January 2011 for training in February 2011.
  • Two mega brainstorm events have taken place involving a total of 22 students and four local businesses using a ‘wheel’ to enable innovative and focussed brainstorming. One event took place during ‘Global Entrepreneurship’ week. Feedback from both workshops was really encouraging with students wanting to use our ‘Wheel’ for other events. Tutors too found the process enabled them to focus on particular topics in a very interactive way.
  • We are working with a Turkish community in the Medway area and we are looking to run the Atlas programme in the new year.

In Ghent:

  • Enterprise delivery incorporating the Taktix game has taken place in a Belgium prison with a second programme of delivery scheduled for February 2011.
  • The Shape your Future programme has been added to the ‘Stubry’ 45+ programme that already exists to enhance the enterprise element.

Who funds the programme?

Interreg IVA “2 Seas”

programme Partners:

VOKA – Flemish Chamber of Commerce based in Ghent.