Finance for Growth

Secure the funding your business needs to grow

Finance is essential for successful growth and BSK has access to a range of finance professionals who can help you source the best funding solution for your business.
There is now a wide range of alternative sources of funding which are growing in diversity and availability.  The following options are ideal for businesses that have been trading for two years or more.


If you are looking for £5k to £250k then crowdfunding could be the ideal solution for you.   This option is ideal if you are looking for funding quickly or more conventional sources are not available to you. BSK will help you through the application process to identify the best sources of crowdfunding and to maximise your chance of success.  We are registered brokers for both FundingCircle and FundingKnight.


Working Capital

For £125k to £500k of funding to finance increased sales activity. Whether the funding is required for stock, work in progress, extend credit terms to your customers or a combination of all, BSK can help you explore different options, some of which are only available through our network.


Investment Finance

For £250k to £1m of investment funding to sustain and boost your growth plans through the purchase of plant & machinery and property, BSK has arrangements with exclusive funding providers who can provide swift, ‘no nonsense’ decisions.


Bespoke Funding Solutions

If you are looking for £1m or more in finance, our Funding Specialist, Adrian Wenn (ACIB), will talk you through options available to you and tailor a solution that best suits you and your business.