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Enviroskills – Addressing the Gaps, Understanding the Market Demand and Achieving Success with SMEs


Enviroskills – Findings of the Tunbridge Wells Enviroskills Round Table Discussions


Investing in the Green Economy – communities, individuals and business 

An analysis and design study commissioned by SEEDA to consider the potential in the South East for investment in an Ecological Funding Escalator which would support place based carbon reduction initiatives. Led by the Building Research establishment, and supported by BSK-CiC and Forum for the Future this final report reviews and evaluates the demand for funding and support that place based carbon reduction groups require in the development of carbon reduction projects, provides recommendations for appropriate support both financial and non financial and quantifies the demand for a Funding Escalator.

The findings of the work, completed in 2010 identifies 4 main project types:

1. Community renewable projects – energy generation from renewable sources
2. Combined heat and power installations and district heating
3. Social housing refurbishment
4. Private Housing Refurbishment

Early in the project it was recognised that considerable interest in community renewable projects exists in the South-East and in turn these projects have considerable potential to deliver both social and environmental benefits. A decision was therefore taken to make the development and support of community renewable projects the focus of this work. The project team interviewed a variety of place based low carbon projects, project support organisations and project financers throughout the course of this research to formulate their findings and recommendations.

Kent County Council – Kent International Business Study

This is the report of the research element of the Kent International Business Study (PDF, 1.10MB), jointly commissioned by Kent County Council and BSK-CiC.